A visual gallery that showcases all the amazing places I visited.



A visual gallery that showcases all the amazing places I visited


What I travel with - My camera gear + accessories


The question I get asked the most is what camera gear I carry on my trips, so I decided to put together a list to show you what's in my travel bag.

My photography set up is really simple and it's what fits my photography needs and style best.
This is also the gear I use for all the non-travel related projects I work on.

Here’s a breakdown:


Camera, lenses, and photography accessories.

  1. Nikon D750
    Full frame camera with great low light capabilities and built in Wi-fi.
    The fastest camera I have tried so far when it comes to locking in focus in challenging low light environments (amazing performance during events).
    Lighter and more affordable than other Nikon full frames out there, the D750 is also quite comfortable to hold and carry on long full day shoots. 
  2. SP Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2
    My go-to lens for most of the shoots I work on.
    I love the versatility of this focal length and if I could only take one lens with me while travelling, this would be it. This Tamron glass is really sharp, has fast Auto Focus, image stabilisation, nice bokeh and it's also wallet friendly compared to the Nikon alternative.
    I noticed that the lens starts playing up when shooting outside with temperatures over 30 degrees, a overheating problem I never had with the previous Tamron version of this lens.
  3. SP Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2
    New addition to the family and my favourite lens right now. 
    Incredibly sharp, fast focus, image stabilisation and overall great image quality. As above, a more affordable version compared to the new Nikon version of this focal length. I don't mind carrying this heavy glass around because of the amazing bokeh. I love the extra separation of the subject from the background when shooting at 200mm.
  4. AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 G
    A lot smaller compared to the two Tamron zoom lenses I own.
    Good to keep as a backup because of how affordable and small it is. 
    I only use it while shooting in dark environments when the f/2.8 is not enough. 
  5. Gobe Filters: CPL, ND, NDX 1000
    These filters are also a new addition to my travel kit.
    If you are looking to experiment more when taking photos outdoors, give these filters a try! They are made with Premium optical glass and come at an amazing price for their very high quality.
    I also love what the guys at Gobe do contributing to the environment and its conservation, planting 5 trees with every purchase.
    Use the code 'GobeGobe' when purchasing on their website to get 15% off.
  6. 2 Nikon Batteries
    These batteries last a long time and two are enough to keep me going for three-four full day shoots.
    When I'm travelling, I can go for a week before charging them again. The battery life obviously depends on how you use your camera, if you use flash, for how long, etc., so they might perform differently for you.
  7. SD Cards
    I use 32GB memory and micro cards (roughly 1100 frames) that read and write up to 95/90MB/s speed. They sometimes need a few seconds to write all the information when shooting continuous, especially during music gigs.
  8. SD Card Holder
    Just a generic card holder (I have two) I purchased from Ebay, with 4 slots to keep all the SD cards in order. 
  9. Peak Design Camera Strap
    Great strap with silicone grip. I prefer this strap when I travel because it's a lot more comfortable than the one that comes with the camera. 
  10. Manfrotto BeFree Tripod
    Light sturdy tripod I use for long exposures or if I am alone and need to set up a shot with me in it.
    I also use this tripod when shooting other commercial work.

***This is the gear that performs the best across all the things I shoot on a daily basis, including food, music gigs and festivals, fashion, all type of events, interiors, landscape/travel and social media content. If you are starting out or you are looking to use your camera gear only for travel, you might want to look at more affordable/lighter options.



Other gadgets and accessories I like to have with me on the road.

  1. 13-inch Macbook Air
  2. Seagate & Toshiba Hard Drives
  3. Huawei P10 Phone
  4. Samsung Headphones
  5. UE Wonderboom
  6. Kobo Kindle
  7. The 5th Watches
  8. MiGoals Notebook
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Passport

This is not a sponsored blog post and all opinions are my own.

Images: @mirandamirandamiranda

Arianna Leggiero