A visual gallery that showcases all the amazing places I visited.



A visual gallery that showcases all the amazing places I visited




During my 3 weeks spent exploring Athens and island hopping the Greek Islands with Sea Jets, I found out that Greece is a lot more than just blue domed chapels and white washed buildings.
Each island is unique and beautiful in a different way and I've collected so many favourite moments here.

I loved climbing up to reach the church from the Chora village in Ios to watch the sunset, waking up in time for sunrise with the smell of freshly made croissants (the props of renting an Air BnB next to a bakery) to watch the sun slowly showing on the caldera in Santorini, and quad biking around Milos to find the hidden crystal clear water swim spots surrounded by caves.

Greece is the ultimate golden hour lover dream.

Disclaimer: Many sunset photos ahead.

Shot on Nikon D750 + DJI Mavic Pro + Disposable Camera.





Huge thank you My Blue Villas for hosting us in one of their beautiful residences in Santorini and to The 5th for coming along on this trip. Shop the watches seen in my photos here.

Arianna Leggiero