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I did it! I switched to Sony and here's why


It has happened, I finally purchased a new camera!

For months, and months, and months, I’ve been talking about buying a new body.
If we hang out during that time, I apologise for constantly ranting about this.

So about three weeks ago I decided I had read enough reviews and felt confident-ish in taking this leap of faith and buy my first mirrorless camera, the Sony a7III.

A lot of people on Instagram have been asking ‘‘why?’’ after seeing my story about the switch, so I thought I’d answer here.
So first off, why did it take me so long?
The short answer is reliability.

Apart from being terrible at making decisions when it comes to buying something (there are just too many options out there and new gear keep coming out every few months), I rely on my camera A LOT!

On the daily I trust this tool to being able to deliver images for my clients how I want them to be, and my previous camera did just that.
The Nikon D750 is an absolute gun and works seamlessly in all type of lighting situation and shoot scenarios. Whether it’s food, events, fashion, or landscape photography, the overall experience shooting with this camera was amazing and it got the job done every single time.

For that reason, I found it really hard to let go of this super reliable body to switch to a brand new system I didn’t really have the time to experiment with.

So if my camera was so good, why did I switch?


Weight: Yes, I know. Once you put a fast heavy lens on the body, the Sony is only a couple of hundred grams lighter than my previous set up, but to me it still makes a big difference.
Carrying gear is the one thing I struggle the most when taking photos, especially on the daily when I have to run from a shoot to another catching public transport (because I don’t have a car) as I also usually have a light set up with me - so the less weight, the better!

The new Sony a7III body in comparison is a lot smaller and takes less space in my bag, which is great especially when I travel.
I was really surprised to see how comfortable it is to hold, even with the not so small 24-70 2.8 GM and for prolonged periods of time.
For this one, I didn’t just trust the internet, but I went to the camera store multiple times to see how the camera felt in my hand with different lenses.

Learning: I could use my Nikon d750 without even looking at the buttons and if my hands were busy carrying something else, I could change the settings with my mouth. I know lol it sounds a bit weird, but I know this camera inside and out.
But using the same camera over and over got a bit boring! I am always keen to learn new things when it comes to photography and I just got a little bit too comfortable with this camera, especially in the past year.

Buying a brand new camera from a different brand that also uses a new system was the best way to get learning again.
I did have the chance to use mirrorless cameras in the past but never for my own jobs.
I spent the first week reading the manual and watching Youtube videos to understand what the best settings might be for certain photography scenarios, and trying to nail the buttons customisation.. The Sony a7III is highly customisable, which I LOVE!

Videography: This is another thing I’ve been talking about doing for a very long time but never took it too seriously because I felt like I didn’t have enough time or the right gear.

The Sony a7III gave me a bit of a boost in confidence and it’s been so interesting learning videography from scratch and it’s definitely something that I see myself doing more and more in the future to complement my photography.

Updated System: My previous camera was good, but because it came out back in 2014 it is a bit outdated.
There have been so many improvements in the gear world since then and honestly, I can already see the difference with the images taken on the Sony a7III. The images are cleaner, the ISO capabilities are - not out of this world but - definitely better, and it has a better dynamic range.

I know everyone has been talking about how bad Sony’s color science is, but I think Sony has really stepped up their game with the Sony a7III. The overall tones of the images, including skin tones, look beautiful to me.
So far I have enjoyed editing my Sony RAW files way better than my Nikon ones (I’ve never been a fan of Nikon colors straight out of camera and the RAW files always took me slightly longer to color grade).

michael-soledad-1427645-unsplash (1).jpg

On top of that, I hadn’t invested in too many lenses and accessories for my Nikon, so starting from zero with a brand new system and brand really wasn’t a big deal. The Sony a7III is also very well priced for having such great features.

You start to love your camera like it’s your own baby and get really attached to it, but at the end of the day it’s just a tool, so I try not to get too caught up on the brand and focus on finding the product that works best for me, with my budget, and my photography needs.

That’s all for now, but I will be doing a review on the Sony a7III soon, so subscribe below if you haven’t!

Any questions on the camera, let me know!

Thank you to Michael Soledad for the images.

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